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Yvie Oddly Biography

Yvie Oddly is a drag queen, performer from Denver, Colorado who is one of the contestants of season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her real name is Jovan Bridges.

Yvie was the manager and an entertainer at Tracks nightclub in Denver. She was also an executive producer for The Odd Hour, Early Brunch and The Vogue Ball.

She is the second ever contestant from Denver, Colorado, after Nina Flowers.

She considers herself a “partial Halloween queen”, as she first did drag on Halloween with her mom.

Yvie Oddly Age

Yvie was born on August 22, 1993. She is 25 years old as of 2018.

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Yvie Oddly Parents

Yvie parents seem to be very supportive of her career. The very first instance Yves did drag was for a Holloween costume event.

She dressed up as a dead hooker while his mother accompanied him as a pimp, indicating her mum is supportive of her career.

Her father as well seems very supportive. Going with a photo Yves posted late February 2019, she posted her dad wearing her shirt.

Yvie Oddly Disease

Yvie suffers from a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type 3, which affects the tissues in the skin, bones, blood vessels, and many organs.

Yvie Oddly RuPaul’s Drag Race

Yvie is a contestant on the 11th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She is a self-described “commodity of drag oddity.”

She defied what she thinks is a “boring local drag scene” and brought conceptual artistry into the mix. She draws inspiration from fashion bands like Mugler, as well as non-conventional drag artists like Christeene.

She describes herself as an “authentic weirdo” whose style ranges from high fashion glam goddess to dirty street punk.

Yvie says her “conceptual high-art” drag is all about “taking the scrappiest, dirtiest, most backroad option and making it work somehow.”

She is the second ever contestant from Denver, Colorado, after Nina Flowers.

For season 11 Episode 1’s mini-challenge, which was a photo shoot, Yvie was paired with Adore Delano.

Yvie is the second ever contestant to injure herself on screen during an intense choreography challenge. The first was Eureka in Season 9. Yves’ injury was not as severe as Eureka’s and she was able to continue competing.

Yvie Oddly Entrance Quote

“Move over ladies, this race just took an odd turn.”

Yvie Oddly Net Worth

Yvie’s net worth has not been revealed yet.

Yvie Oddly Merch

You can purchase Yvie’s merchandise here.

Yvie Oddly Quotes

  • “I am Denver’s commodity of drag oddity.”
  • “I’m just here to shock and suck cock.”
  • “What does that HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING BITCH?!” (to Silky Ganache during Episode 3’s “Untucked”)
  • “Send me home ’cause I’m injured.”
  • “I’m a little pissed that you tried to throw me under the bus, because I’m “injured” when I finished our routine , with my sprained ankle doing s*it you could not dream of and that you tried to throw me under the bus after you put on some stretch fabric bullshit and covered it in beans.” (to Silky in Episode 7 “Untucked”.)
  • “Off a dumpster that was in the Top 3, so check it and then wreck it.” (during her ongoing argument with Silky in Untucked.)
  • “You think being safe every is going to get you somewhere?”(to Silky)
  • “I’ll dance circles around your ass.” (to Silky)
  • “That’s because Sasha Velour was talented.”
  • “MEDIOCRITY AND BEANS!” ( to Silky Ganache about her run on the show during Episode 7’s “Untucked”)
  • “Because like that’s really cute to say , but you’re also the bitch who was like “Well….i guess…the one girl who i wanna go home is Yvie, cuz she fought me.”.” (to Vanessa Vanjie Mateo during Episode 7’s “Untucked”).

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