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Tiffany Lewis Biography

Tiffany Lewis is a multimedia journalist who mostly reports on health, entertainment, and lifestyle. She got her passion for journalism after anchoring for her elementary school’s newscast. Since then, her passion grew into a real-time career.

She is the current morning anchor and reporter for WCTV. She is also open about her love, to the extent that it is referred to as a mild addiction, to Asian food

Tiffany Lewis started her career as a local anchoring for her elementary school newscast. Years later, she joined the University of South Carolina, where she furthered her knowledge in journalism. As she was still studying, she managed to intern at WACH Fox 57. She has also assisted at ESPN-U and worked with Carolina News. These have helped her to garner experience in journalism. Over the years, she has covered all types of news.

She has used investigative packages to uncover information and has produced features on all types of people and places. Thanks to her passion for journalism, she has a love of being on camera. In addition to journalism, she has also worked as a photographer on a live, daily 30-minute newscast for Carolina News. This was considered important as it would assist her in understanding her team and if need be, she would be versatile enough to take any role required at any time.

The main reason Tiffany does journalism is that she has a passion for people. Due to this, she enjoys covering health, entertainment, and lifestyle events. She also feels at home in a crowd. Outside journalism, she enjoys traveling and discovering new places. She also likes to try out new recipes from watching Top Chef. Tiffany works for WCTV at the time. She writes articles as well as regularly appearing on camera for the station.

The multimedia journalist, Tiffany Lewis in the WCTV Studio