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Sarah Jeong Biography

Sarah Jeong is an American journalist specializing in information technology law and other technology-related topics. Jeong is a member of The New York Times editorial board since 2018. Moreover, she was formerly a senior writer for The Verge. Additionally a contributing editor for Vice’s Motherboard website. Jeong is also the author of The Internet of Garbage, a non-fiction book about online harassment.

Sarah Jeong Age And Early life

Jeong was born in South Korea in 1988[ 31 years]. when she was three years old in about 1991, her parents immigrated to New York as students and brought Sarah with them. Information about her parents will be updated soon.

She attended a Southern Baptist high school near Los Angeles USA. Later she told  Willamette Week, that the Internet helped her to counter the religious beliefs of her upbringing. Such as creation science; “it’s how I unbrainwashed myself”, she said.

Sarah studied philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. Furthermore,  also received a law degree from Harvard Law School. She edited the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender. Jeong received a green card while attending college. Consequently became a US citizen in 2017.

Sarah Jeong New York Times

August 2, 2018, The New York Times announced that it had hired Sarah Jeong. To take the lead technology writer for its editorial board. Saying she “has guided readers through the digital world with verve and erudition. Staying ahead of every turn on the vast beat that is the internet.”

As a result, an outcry arose on right-wing websites, over tweets Ms. Jeong wrote from 2013 to early 2015. Which referred to white people with terms like “groveling goblins” and “dogs.”Subsequently, The Times released a statement saying before hiring Ms. Jeong, it already knew about the tweets. Regardless of what, she would stay on the editorial board.

The Times said in its statement“Her journalism and the fact that she is a young Asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment,”. “For a period of time, she responded to that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her harassers”She sees now that this approach only served to feed the vitriol that we too often see on social media.”

Sarah Jeong Articles

Sarah Jeong

Sarah Jeong Book

Journalist Sarah Jeong wrote in 2015 a book titled The Internet of Garbage. It is a non-fiction book. That discusses online harassment as a threat to the useful functions of the internet. Moreover, it argues for new approaches to managing the issue.

Jeong reissued The book in 2018 with a new preface. Forbes published The Internet of Garbage in 2015 as part of their “Forbes Signature Series” of e-books. In 2018, The Verge reissued a “1.5” version of the book with a new preface by Jeong after she joined the editorial board of The New York Times.

Feminist organizations received The Internet of Garbage in the technology press favorably. Writing for Techdirt, Mike Masnick reviewed the book as “nuanced and well worth reading”.Author and professor Alan Jacobs called it “very well done, and rather sobering”.Fortune called the 2018 reissue “more valuable than ever”.

Sarah Jeong  The Internet of Garbage

The thesis of the book is that most of the internet has always been garbage. As a result, this has always threatened to make the internet useless. Spam is one such form of garbage, and it has been addressed, imperfectly but manageable. Through the use of technology and human curation. Online harassment, especially of women and people of color, has become the newest kind of garbage.

In order to manage its new ways of thinking, a new law, and new technologies are needed. Written after the concentrated harassment campaigns perpetrated against Caroline Criado Perez in 2013. As well as multiple other women in the Gamergate controversy in 2014. The book deals with issues of online harassment, and especially gender and race-related harassment.With an emphasis on the physical danger caused by doxing.

The book describes how harassment makes the internet smaller, and less free for its targets. It seeks to broaden the frontier of free speech for all internet users. Other subjects covered include the effects of online visibility on social reputation and spam.

Writing from a legal and policy perspective, Jeong describes how the regulations applied to the internet Such as the DMCA and the Communications Decency Act, have been based in copyright law and are focused on taking down problematic content. After it has been posted and were designed to protect corporate interests.

She describes how this has made user-generated social media much more viable than it could otherwise have been. Nonetheless, it has left platforms without a framework or legal motivation to address hate speech, harassment, and propaganda. The books suggest other approaches to dealing with harassment, more akin to the way that spam is filtered.

Sarah Jeong Lawyer

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Although she started out as an immigration lawyer, due to her outstanding dedication and relationship with the clients, she has become the general counsel of many corporations. And eventually expanded her practices into corporate, real estate, and litigation. Sarah now represents several global corporations, high net worth real property-owning individuals, corporations, and entrepreneurs from all types of industry.

She recently successfully co-counseled and oversaw an $80 million lawsuit with an outcome of rescission of the contract with an over-$30 million damage award. Jeong is very proud of her firm’s loyal clients who always need her corporate, business, and immigration law services. Thanks to her organic relationship with those incredible clients, she is having a busy day every day.

Sarah Jeong  Tweets

when the New York Times hired Sarah on its editorial board to work on technology issues, conservative publications unearthed her old tweets containing racially inflammatory language. Since then, Ms. Jeong met an outpouring of online criticism, alleging her to be racist against white people.

In July 2014, Sarah tweeted:

“Oh man, it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

In December 2014, she told:

“Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins”

Ms. Jeong even used the hashtag “#CancelWhitePeople” and said, “white men are bullshit.” But the campaign to use these old tweets to get her fired has failed as The New York Times defended Sarah and stood by its decision. It described the tweets as a response by Ms. Jeong to the harassment she received earlier for being a young Asian woman.

Sarah Jeong Family

Information about her family including her Korean native’s parents will be soon updated.

Sarah Jeong Husband

Not much information about her personal life is revealed. It is believed that Jeong is happily married with two wonderful kids, Justin and Amy, and she is a very busy tennis mom during the weekend. The husband is still a mystery for there isn’t any information about the guy. She once mentioned “ex-husband in one of her tweets and thus speculated to be her second marriage because.

Sarah Jeong Height

She is a great person of great charisma, always jovial and very passionate about her career. Adding to this she has a great physique as well. Her body measurements are Height in meters;  1.60, feet;5″2, centimeters;160. Her weight in kilograms is 55 or 121 pounds. bra size is 33b, waist 26and hips 36.she wears no 5shoe size. The eye color is black and also hair color is black.

Sarah Jeong Networth

This excellent Journalist evidently makes good money from her work. The net worth of Jeong is estimated to have $300,000in 2018. Her monthly income is not revealed but there is no doubt that she is comfortable and living a luxurious life with her earnings. Surely she is satisfied with her earnings.