Princess Love Bio

Who is Princess Love?  To many, Princess love is simply Ray J’s wife but that’s not simply it. There is so much more about Princess Love than meets the eye. She is a Star in her own way. Princess Love is a star of reality show born in California. She’s a famous personality on television. She is also a designer of fashion and a model.

She is a citizen of the United States. Her full name is Norwood’s, Princess Pilipina Love. She used to work as a stripper. She is currently one of the prominent media figures for starring in the television series, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood together with her husband. Princess Love is also known as the singer/actor’s wife. Her husband also played a role in making Kim Kardashian famous.

Princess Love Age|Birthday

Princess Love was born on 14 August 1984 in Oakland California. She, however, grew up in Texas. Her mother is a Filipino while her father Hugh Love is an African American. Hence Princess Love is of mixed ethnicity of African American Filipino. Although her Nationality is American.
Princess Love studied in various institutions like Texas Southern University and The International Academy of Design and Technology. As of 2019 Princess Love is 35 years old.

Princess Lover Career

Princess Love is a model of fashion, a designer of fashion and a star of reality television. She used to work as a stripper during her initial part of her career. She used to dance in some of Las Vegas ‘ bars and clubs. Since 2014, she has been starring in this show. She is also a fashion designer and a model of fashion. She has done some projects in the past to discuss her modeling. One of them is a magazine called “SMOOTH.” She appeared on the magazine’s cover page. In TV shows such as Steve Harvey, and “Love & Hip Hop. She then began to feature Love & Hip Hop Hollywood in a reality television show

Princess Love Ray J

Princess Love and Ray J started dating in 2014. They got engaged on December 2015 and ultimately the two love birds tied the knot on 12th August 2016 in an extravagant but private ceremony. Only 150 guests attended. Two years in their marriage they were blessed with a baby girl on 23rd May 2018. They named her Melody Love Norwood.

Princess Love and Ray J are not just husband and wife but also business partners. Love’s hairline company, Prella Collection is subordinate of her husband’s highly effective electronics company, Raytroniks.

Princess Love Baby

Baby Melody Love

On May 22, 2018, Princess Love and her husband   Ray J  had their first daughter Melody. The couple had been posting cute photos and videos of their beautiful daughter on social media. However, it seemed people on social media gave negative comments about the baby. Love said that she was fed up with people making cruel remarks underneath baby Melody’s photos.

“The disgusting things people right (sic) under the picture of a child. I WILL NEVER POST MELODY’S PHOTO EVER AGAIN ON SOCIAL MEDIA.” Love said. Later the situation changed and Love started posting pictures of her 7-month-old daughter on her social media page again.

Under Love’s comments, Rapper Kash Doll chimed expressed how excited she was again to take pictures of baby Mels.

“Miss u!” Kash wrote. “Your mom was tryna keep u away from us.”

“I’m glad you posted her again Princess I missed seeing this little face on your page 😍😍 #myovaries,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “So adorable. I’m so happy you shared a picture of your beautiful baby. Adorable! She is so cute OMG 😘.”

but one for the couple is not enough! The new mom is actually ready for more, a source close to the rapper, and told his wife

Princess Love Parents

Princess Love’s father is Hugh Love. As for Love’s mother, not much is known about her apart from the fact that she is Filipino. She raised her daughter Princess Love as a single parent. Her husband Hugh Love had just left the family when Princess Love was around  2 years old. She had a terrible childhood due to her parents’ separation. After ten years, she only met her father. Besides this, her childhood days and early life are not detailed.

Love didn’t hear from her father for nearly 10 years. It took her husband Ray J to reconcile the two. Ray J was helped out by Love’s paternal grandmother Barbara to ensure Love and her father settled their differences before their wedding. This was successful as Hugh was part and parcel of his daughter’s wedding which was in August 2016.

Princess Love Floyd

Back in 2013 when Mayweather Floyd the boxer was experiencing challenges with his fiancee, Shantel Jackson, he started spending more time with Princess Love. Ray J definitely noticed. The boxer met Love back when she was stripping at the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club located in Las Vegas.

Their connection was tight that 50 Cent, Floyd’s ex-best friend posted all the gifts the boxer purchased through his Instagram. Mayweather was upset about the matter and posted the following message:

“When you take a broke person out of the slums and give them a chance at bettering themselves. In due time their true colors will eventually reveal itself. That’s why they say, leave trash in the garbage for bums to dig through because you can find yourself hanging around garbage so much you will forget how rotten it is.” -Money May

Floyd missed out on a good one and Ray J picked up where he left off.

Princess Love 2019

P. Love & Husband Ray J

The new mom is actually ready for more children, a source close to the rapper, and his wife told EXCLUSIVELY. “Princess had already said that when she was still pregnant with Melody, she wanted another baby,” said the insider. “She wants at least three children before she gets close to her mid-30s so she feels the crunch of time.

It seemed Princess Love was not all alone on this. Her husband seems to want the same thing too. Ray J made a statement saying; “I want one more right now,” Ray J revealed at the Nickelodeon Kids’Choice Awards. “I’m trying right now,” he added. “I’m trying to get one in and hopefully we can have another by April if it happens. They could be friends and protect each other, like my sister and me.”The duo is all in to expand their family.

Princess Love Net Worth

She earns a lot of money as a wage or income from her multiple professions. She also makes money from brand endorsements and sponsorships. Princess Love, therefore, has an estimated net worth of about $ 2 million. This is averagely good for a lady who started from humble beginnings. Her main source of income is from her clothing line and hairline earnings. In addition, Love also gets a good amount from The Love and Hip Hop reality Tv show.


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