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Paula Pell is an American comedy writer, producer, and actress, best known for her work writing for the sketch series Saturday Night Live. Her first feature film screenplay was the 2015 comedy Sisters. She co-created a web series called Hudson Valley Ballers.

Her childhood was full with her love towards the Hit show called Saturday Night Live. She was very obsessed with the show. During childhood, she used to record the episodes of the show and re-listen to it several times. The little Paula used to imitate the characters of the show and fake commercials. Paula’s love towards the show must have been loyal since her childhood, maybe that’s the reason that she has been working for Saturday Night Live for around 17 years.

Paula Pell Age

Pell was born on April 15, 1963, in Joliet, Illinois, USA. She is 56 years old as of 2019. Pell is an American by nationality and she belongs to white ethnicity.

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Paula Pell Family

Though the names of her parents are not available, she said that she credits her parents for their support towards her talents and success. Her father was naturally a comedian and her mother had a beautiful voice. Her entry into the world of being funny began with the original king and queen of comedy—her parents. She grew up alongside her siblings’ sister but her name is missing.

Paula Pell Husband

Pell has been divorced from her first wife of 17 years and moved to Los Angeles. She is currently engaged to Janine Brito.

Paula Pell Education

Pell planned to attend Florida State University to study theatre but ended up at Seminole State College in Orlando when she was offered a scholarship. At Seminole State, Pulla studied art with Knoxville native Grady Kimsey. After that, Grady recommended her to attend UT and study theatre. Finally, Pulla graduated from the University of Tennessee.

Paula Pell Career

Paula has not only shown her writing skills for Saturday Night Live but also produced and acted for many other shows like “30 Rock”, Parks And Recreation, Bridesmaid and many more. She has been working for Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2013. She was also a producer for the television sitcom, 30 Rock where she is known for writing the episodes, Argus and Floyd. In 2006, she wrote Thick and Thin which was taken by NBC along with Paula being executive producer. She has worked with Judd Apatow for writing the films, This is 40 and Bridesmaids. She was also a producer for the film, This is 40.

Pell has been a writer for many shows which includes Saturday Night Live, Sisters, Hudson Valley Ballers, The 86th & 87th Annual Academy Awards, The Re-Gift, Saturday Night Live: 40th Anniversary Special, Saturday Night Live: Best of This Season, The Women of SNL, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday, Saturday Night Live in the 90’s: Pop Culture Nation, Saturday Night Live: The Best of Cheri Oteri, Macy’s 4th of July Spectacular, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Halftime Special, NBC 75th Anniversary Special, Saturday Night Live 25 and many more.

Pell has also worked as an actress in many TV shows and TV Series like Sisters, The Awesomes, The Mindy Project, Riley’s First Date?, Documentary Now!, The Parker Tribe, Inside Out, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Hudson Valley Ballers, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, Lilly, Parks and Recreation, Funny or Die Presents, The Colin Quinn Show and many more. Her work as a producer includes 30 Rock, This is 40 and Thick and Thin. She was nominated for about 18 awards and won 5 which includes Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program (2002), Comedy/Variety _ (Including Talk) Series in 2007, 2009, 2010, Comedy/Variety – Music, Awards, Tributes – Specials – Any Length.

Tina Fey produced and starred in Pell’s first feature screenplay, Sisters (2015). Pell also played the dream producer and Mom’s Anger in the 2015 Pixar film Inside Out. In 2016-2018, she guest-starred in the TV series Love as Erika. She also played a role in the mockumentary series Documentary Now!

Pell co-starred alongside several other Saturday Night Live alumnae in the 2019 Netflix original comedy Wine Country.

Paula Pell Net Worth And Salary

The American comedy writer and actress has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her each and every show pays her very well. Besides this, she also appears in the various reality shows time to time, which of course gives her a good sum of money.

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Paula Pell Interview

Paula Pell, queen of comedy: On her “SNL” years, making “Wine Country” with Amy Poehler and more

Patton Oswalt calls you the funniest person on TV. That is no small compliment, to be the funniest person on TV, in the estimation of Patton Oswalt. Do people tell you, “Oh, you’re a comedy writer. Be funny!”?

I have a real memory of being in high school and I have no idea what I did, but I did some imitation, and it was of a butt. And my friend just dragged me to people I didn’t know, and went, “Do your butt!”

Was that an auditory? Or was it a visual?

No. It was something with my mouth. I don’t want to dig any deeper. You don’t either, for sure. It’s good at a distance, just in theory, but stay out. What if that was my self-motivation before I ever go on stage? “Do your butt. Go out there and you freaking do your butt.”

I want to ask you about this amazing film that is just so sweet and hilarious and has so much heart. All of the women involved in this, like your director Amy Poehler, have worked with each other for years. This really came out of your relationship with each other. It takes place over a weekend. It’s Rachel Dratch’s character’s 50th birthday. They’re going to come together, and they’re just going to drink a lot and be silly.

Say things they maybe shouldn’t.

This actually is based on real trips we took. We took two trips for two of our little tribe’s 50th birthdays. Whenever anyone turns 50, we all plan this. We did it for Rachel Dratch’s in wine country, and we did it for Ana Gasteyer’s in Palm Springs. So many things happen during those weekends. Emily Spivey, who wrote the movie with Liz Cackowski, spoke to Amy about it, and Amy was like, “Oh, we need to make a movie out of this.” It just felt so real, and it was just everything about us being where we were at right now in our lives. It was hilarious. There are many true things in the movie that actually happened, including me buying everyone high-end vibrators.

You spent almost $1,000. Although, it’s not hard to spend.

No, not with new technologies. I went to a place here a couple years ago, just walking by, there’s a place called the Museum of Sex somewhere in Midtown. We walked by, and we’re like, “Oh, let’s check that out.” It’s like the Apple store for your genitals.

You go up to the Genius Bar and say, “My genitals aren’t working. Do I turn them on and off?”

“Can you set this to factory settings, please? Because I’ve gotten it way too intricately set. It was set for someone else, and I want to get factory settings.”

“Because I got a refurbished one.”

Do not buy a refurbished one, ever. Just don’t. Just spend the money, or don’t do it. Sit on a washer during the spin cycle.

All the people working there were young and wore little outfits, and they were just so in their bodies about sex — which is completely opposite of how I grew up. This girl was just like, “Yeah, what are you looking for? What can I show you? Let me tell you what’s new.” She showed us a vibrator that had magnetic lengthening technology, and instead of just vibrate, it actually lengthened. It was the most bizarre thing on earth.

What is the advantage of that?

I don’t know. I actually bought it, it was ridiculously expensive, and then lost it somewhere very quick. So, somebody stole it installing my cable at my house.

I bought all those toys, and I knew that I was going to give them to everyone as a gift. I got Rachel the nicest one, the most elaborate one. She was the birthday girl. I put them all in my carry-on. I can’t believe I was able to check that bag, or even go through this thing.

 You’re on a list now, though.

I know. I am definitely on a list because you can only have two bags and four dildos in most major airlines.


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