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Mike Magnoli Biography

Mike Magnoli is an American reporter for FOX 35 covering Brevard County. Originally from Connecticut, Mike has worked in lots of interesting places, most recently West Palm Beach and Southern Palm Beach County, as a reporter for WPEC.

Big stories have included Hurricane Michael, the pipe-bomb mailer, President Trump’s visits to Florida, the school shootings in Newtown and Parkland. Mike was recently honored by the Florida Associated Press, for Breaking News, for his coverage of the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Mike Magnoli Age

Magnoli was born on April 19, 1964. He is 54 years old as of 2019.

Mike Magnoli Education

Mike graduated cum laude from Marymount Manhattan College. While studying for his bachelors in communications, he interned with Fox News Channel, 20/20, ABC News NOW and WABC New York.

Mike Magnoli Family

Mike’s wife is a News Executive Producer, his dog is a Tibetan terrier named Sandie, his cat is an all black Maine Coon named Prince. Now living in West Hartford with his wife, Breanna (a news producer), his son “Prince” (an all black Maine Coon), and his daughter “Sandie” (a sheepdog/terrier mix), Mike tries and fails at yard work and fixing things around the house.

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Mike Magnoli Career

Magnoli worked behind the scenes in CT television during and after college, but in 2008 when a Louisiana station called offering a reporter position; Mike packed up his jeep to begin his on-air adventures down South.

At KALB in Alexandria, Mike covered hurricanes, crime, racial tension in Jena Louisiana, and the U.S. Army at Fort Polk. He won first place Associated Press awards for breaking news coverage in 2009 and 2010 and was recognized for his investigative and feature reporting. Later at KATC in Lafayette, Mike was front and center during the Gulf Oil Spill.

Here at FOXCT, Mike has covered big stories in the state and the Northeast: The Aaron Hernandez Investigation, The Bridgeport Train Derailment, The Stamford Christmas Fire, the Boston bombing, snow storms, “superstorms”… and on the lighter side, Mike has tested roller coasters on live TV, flown in the MetLife blimp, and grilled cos-play geeks at Hartford’s Comic-Con.

Mike Magnoli Brevard

Article by Mike Magnoli;

Teachers in Florida can’t strike, but they can quit. And in Brevard County, that’s happening in record numbers. The union calls it a form of protest. Parents call it a big concern.

The Teachers Union had a big victory on Friday in their ongoing contract battle with the district, but it might not be enough to reverse the trend of teachers hitting the door. A magistrate judge finds Brevard County could and should give teachers a raise. If that happens, the union says the resignations will stop, if not, more are on the way.

“Every other school district in the state has managed to give their teachers a decent raise, our district needs to do the same,” said Anthony Colucci, the President of the Brevard Federation of Teachers, looking over the report and recommendations of Magistrate Judge Thomas Young.

Judge Young encourages the school system to fund the union’s proposed pay raises. The school system now has 20 days to announce its intent. If the district doesn’t budge- Collucci says a wave of teachers will say goodbye.

Mike Magnoli Love Bug

Article by Mike Magnoli;

As the seasonal invasion of the love bugs continues all over Central Florida, people are getting online and searching for creative ways to get rid of them.

The University of Florida says nothing gets rid of lovebugs for good, but there is one trick that can attract them away from your front door. Fill a white bucket or bowl with baby oil and water. Then watch as the lovebugs gather. This method will not get rid of lovebugs, but it will provide some temporary relief, as it will keep them away from the area around the bowl.

The Brevard County Agricultural Center, which is an extension of the University of Florida, told Fox 35 that lovebugs love the color white. So, putting out a white bowl with water and baby oil will cause them to swarm to their death. However, this method does not take them too far away and once the bowl is full, they will continue to swarm.

The Brevard County Agricultural Center also said that internet hacks are bogus. For example, they said that using citrus or minty smells to keep lovebugs away does not work. Using a wet dryer sheet on your car to get dead lovebugs off also does not work.

They said to use a sponge with a mesh or net texture, liquid detergent, and some warm water. Also, remember to not let the dead bugs stick too long, as they will ruin your paint.

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