Kevon Edmonds Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Daughter, Albums and Net Worth

Kevon Edmonds Bio

Kevon Edmonds is an American singer and actor, born February 25, 1958. His younger brother is producer, songwriter and singer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

Kevon Edmonds Age

Kevon was born on 25th February, 1958 in in Indianapolis. He is the younger brother of Melvin Edmonds of After 7 and elder brother of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. He is 61 years old as of 2019.

Kevon Edmonds Parents – Family

He is the son of the late Marvin Edmonds Sr. and Barbara Edmonds. He is one of six brothers: Marvin Jr., Michael, Melvin Edmonds, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, and Derek. Their father died in 1972, followed by Marvin Jr. in 2011 and Barbara in 2012.

The Edmonds, led by the success of Babyface, an 11-time Grammy Award winner, have been described as Indiana’s most prominent musical family since the Jackson 5.

Kevon Edmonds Wife

He is married to Ruth E. Ross Edmonds. However its not clear when the couple met or when they got married.

Kevon Edmonds Daughter

Kevon and his wife Ruth E.Ross have a daughter named Karmella Rose Edmonds. They have not disclosed any further details on their daughter other than her name.

Kevon Edmonds Photo
Kevon Edmonds Photo

Kevon Edmonds After 7

In his time on After 7, he had successes, earning a platinum album as well as several gold singles. The group continued to tour the country and established themselves as one of R&B’s top performing groups. After 7 left Virgin Records, after their 1995 album, Reflections, due to issues with the label. Quiting Virgin Records allowed the members to pursue their own personal projects and over time, saw the group separate.

Kevon Edmonds Milestone

Later, he appeared with Babyface and K-Ci & JoJo for a project in a fictional group called Milestone. Milestone also performed in the movie Soul Food and had a hit single with the track “I Care About You”. Fro a short period, Milestone nearly became a real group, instead of just the fictional group portrayed in the movie. However, label conflicts caused the project to collapse.

Kevon Edmonds Solo Career

Edmonds released his first solo album, 24/7, in 1999. The album’s title track was a big hit, going gold and reaching #10 on the Hot 100. “No Love (I’m Not Used to)”, the second single on the album, performed moderately well, reaching #25 on the R&B charts.

Who Knew, his second solo CD, was released on October 13, 2009 through Make Entertainment/Image Distribution. The first single on the CD was released in early August and is titled “Oh.”</ref>

Kevon Edmonds Net Worth

The amazingly talented singer has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

Kevon Edmonds Albums

  • 24/7 (1999)
  • Who Knew (2009)