Karina Flores Bio, Age, Husband/Personal Life, Family/Education, Career

Karina Flores Biography

Karina Flores is an American born multi media journalist. She was born and raised in Indiana. In 2019, she works for the WNDU.

Karina Flores Age

She has not made her age public yet but it will be updated soon.

Karina Flores Husband/Personal Life

She and her husband Luis, live in Michiana with two German shepherds. She serves as the worship pastor at a local Spanish-speaking church. She sings, plays piano, violin, and is very family-focused.

Karina Flores Early Life, Family and Education

Karina Flores was born and raised in Goshen. She grew up in a family of six and has eight aunts and uncles on one side of her family and nine on the other side. Because of her big family and life-long ties to Michiana, she works hard to serve other local families through her work. She was educated through Goshen Community Schools and then the city’s Christian liberal arts college, and she received her bachelor’s degree from Goshen College.

While in college, Karina majored in broadcasting and minored in journalism. She was a disc jockey for the college’s radio station, 91.1 The Globe, and took over as news director of the school’s television news program, The Correspondent.

Karina Flores Photo
Karina Flores Photo

Karina Flores Career

Karina’s love for journalism stems from a passion for seeking out the truth for the common good. She hopes to use her voice and platform to impact the lives of community members. Her favorite kinds of stories to cover are human interest stories about everyday people and stories that uncover injustice. She credits her community for her success in the field of journalism.

In Goshen College Television she worked as the Correspodent News Director from September 2015 to May 2017. In the same years, he worked also as an associate producer in WNDU TV from April 2015 to July 2017. Since July 2017 to present, Karina works as a multimedia Journalist in WNDU TV. She has been there now for an year and 11 months.

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