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Jeff Thompson Biography

Jeff Thompson is an an American Digital Managing Editor of the team since September 2014. He has been a news anchor, writer and reporter in Portland since 2006.

Jeff Thompson Age

Information about Jeff’s  age and the year of birth has not been disclosed but will be updated soon.

Jeff Thompson Education

He attended Portland State University  where he later  graduated   in 2008.

Jeff Thompson Wife

He has been married since 2005 to a beautiful young woman he had the pleasure of meeting in high school way back in 1989. The two couple have been blessed with two children a 6 year old son and 22 year old daughter.

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Jeff Thompson KGW

Thompson has been with KGW since September 2010. He’s been Digital Managing Editor of the team since September 2014. He has been a news anchor, writer and reporter in Portland since 2006. He loves to write short stories, but his 6-year-old son and 22-year-old daughter have other designs for his spare time.

Jeff Thompson Salary

Information about Jeff salary is under review.

Jeff Thompson On Cotton

Although many of you may have grown tired of all the hubbub surrounding the Mueller Report and subsequent questioning of Attorney General Barr, I instead came to appreciate it for the fact it kept our President’s tweets preoccupied.That was until this past weekend, of course. Growing impatient with the lack of progress in our trade negotiations with China, President Trump issued a scathing tweet stating that if significant progress wasn’t made,  additional tariffs would be placed on Chinese goods beginning this Friday.

As you would expect this ultimatum sent shock waves through the world’s financial and commodities markets on Monday. Cotton took it on the chin, with July futures losing 222 points to settle at 73.51, while new crop December futures gave up 164 points to finish the session at 72.91, the lowest close since the week of February 12.

Such mounting tension is alarming, for most have considered the trade talks our ace in the hole. Once resolved, it would be the event needed to push prices closer to 80 cents, possibly beyond.

To imagine either side getting up and leaving the table at this late stage is unthinkable. Maybe the President was trying to stir some life into the debate. But when considering the prideful nature of the Chinese culture, that becomes a dangerous ploy, all the while putting ag commodities and the American farmer in great jeopardy.

Nonetheless, a rebound in prices is very possible once the dust settles. Just last week, trade representatives from both sides seemed confident they were closer than ever to an agreement. However, the setback has proven costly time wise when you consider it took nine weeks for prices to slowly crawl their way from 72 cents took a recent high of 77 cents, but took only three short weeks to give it all back.

Even considering a resolution after the initial favorable knee jerk reaction, prices will settle into another slow crawl that will require a new round of positive news to push it forward.

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