Jason Mewes’ Bio

Jason Edward Mewes was born on June 12, 1974, in Highlands, New Jersey. He doesn’t know much of his father whereas his mother was an ex-con and a drug addict as well.

His best friend, however, describes Mewes as “the kind of dude you know for five minutes and he whips his **** out. I was like, somebody should put this dude in a movie. I just wanted to see if anybody outside our group of friends finds him as funny as I do.

Jason Mewes Age

Jason Edward Mewes is to turn 45 on June 12th, 2019.

Jason Mewes’ Drugs

Considering the fact that Jason grew up in a home with an addicted mother he pretty much stayed away from drugs and alcohol due to experiences in his childhood.

He, however, began his drug addiction in his early 20’s after his career took off. His mother who was however diagnosed with AIDS while Jason was filming Dogma gave him OxyContin to help him kick his Heroin addiction.

In 1997, Jason went to his first drug rehabilitation center. In 1999 he was arrested for Heroin Possession. In 2002 a tragic occurrence happened and Jason lost his mother. He also spent 6 months in a drug rehab center. Rumors have it that Mewes has been sobber since 2006.

Jason Mewes Instagram

Jason refers to himself as Jay, not Silent Bob who’s the other guy.


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Snootch to the Rebootch! 1st Day on set for #JayAndSilentBobReboot with Kevin Smith and Jason Lee! ・・・ #Repost @thatkevinsmith One year ago today, I almost died. So today, I’m living it up on with @jaymewes and Jason Lee on Day 1 of my new flick @jayandsilentbob Reboot! Thanks to @saban_films and Universal for the loot to make this epic, @jordanmonsanto and @destrofilms for making it happen, @jenschwalbach and @harleyquinnsmith for humoring my goofy bullshit one more time, and #jasonmewes for standing beside me all these years while I do the hardest thing I can personally ever do, either in film or in real life: simply shut the fuck up. I couldn’t think of a better scene with which to start the shoot than the return to the Mall with Brodie Bruce. The three of us gathered for a couple hours last night to run the lines and realized we first rehearsed together waaaaay back in the mid-90’s. It may be 24 years later and we may have 6 kids between us, but Jay, Lee and me partied like it was 1995, giggling while adding jokes and finding inflections. The Oscars were on in the background during our practice and I couldn’t help but feel relief when the “In Memoriam” montage ended and I wasn’t in it. We picked 2/25 as the Reboot start date *intentionally*, to celebrate the fact that I did not become Silent Bob forever 365 days ago. But after a blissful couple hours of making pretend with my friends on the set of my 14th film, I’m starting to think I *did* die in that operating room after all. Because what could be more Heavenly than this? #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbob #jayandsilentbobreboot #jasonlee #jaymewes #neworleans #brodiebruce #wwambassador #movie

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Jason Mewes movies

1994-Clerks(As Jay)

1995-Mallrats(As Jay)

1996-Drawing Flies(As Az)

1997-Chasing Amy(As Jay)

1999-Dogma(As Jay), Tail Lights Fade(uncredited), The Blair Clown Project(As Witness #3), Spilt Milk

2000-Scream 39(As Jay), Vulgar(As Tuott the Basehead), Clerks(Jay)

2001-Clerks(As Jay), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back(As Jay), Afroman: Because I Got High(As Jay)

2002-R.S.V.P.(As Terry), High Times Potluck(As Cool J), Hot Rush(Short)

2004-Powder: Up Here(As Evil Villain)

2005-Conflict(As Steve), My Big Fat Independent Movie(As an answering machine), Feast(As Edgy Cat), Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi(As Jay)

2006-High Hopes(As Quebert), Clerks(As Jay), Vengeance(As Bobby Mewes), The Pleasure Divers(As Counter Monkey), Minoriteam(As Airport Security Guard), The Tripper(As Joey), The Movie(Carrie)

2007-Netherbeast Incorporated(As Waxy)

2008-Head Case(Frederick), Zack and Miri Make Porno(As Lester)

2009-2 Dudes and a Dream(As Priest), Fanboys(As Guy at a gas station), Midgets Vs Mascots(Sheriff), Tom Cool

2010-Roommates(As Jason), Big Money Rustlas(As Bucky), Shoot the Hero(As Nate), Repo(T.J.), The Last Godfather(As Vinnie), Yitzy(As Tony)

2011-Nite Tales(Sam Laughlin), The Being Frank Show, Breath of Hate(Ned), Poolboy(As Doug), Silent But Deadly(As Thomas)

2012-Zombie Hamlet(As Zack),The Watermen(As  Tailor),Fish Hooks(As Jason),Noobz(As Andy),The Newest Pledge(As Professor Street),Rock Jocks(As Guard 2),Emerald Acres(As Hunter),K-11(As Ben Shapiro),Money Shot(As The Pimp)

2013-Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie(As Jay), Sealman(As Angry Angus)

2014-Devil’s Tower(As Sid), Catch of the Day(As Jason Mewes)

2015-The Night Crew(As Chachi), Deet ‘n Bax Save Th World(As Deet), Hawaii Five-o(As Eddie Brooks), Book of Fire(As Fast Eddie), The Last House(As Ned)

2016-Yoga Hosers(As Rogue Cop), Vigilante Diaries(As Michael Hanover), Halloweed(As Quincy)

2017-The Flash(As Jay the security guard)

2018-Weight(As Bogart)

2019-Jay and Silent Bob Reboot(As Jay)

Jason Mewes’s net worth

Jason’s net worth is $5 million.

Jason Mewes wife

Jason got married to Jordan Monsanto in 2009.





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