Jason Linden Bio

Jason Linden is an American Personal Injury Lawyer from New York City best known for being a contestant on season 39 of Survivor: Island of the Idols which premieres Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c on CBS.

He started working in personal injury when he was still in law school back in 2011. Linden has been practicing law since 2012 and even has own law firm. He describes himself as Charismatic, determined, and direct.

Jason Linden Age

Jason Linden is a 32-year-old from New York City, United States. He has not yet revealed his year and month of birth hence it is not known when he celebrates his birthday.

Jason Linden Family

Linden’s dad is called Alex. Jason says he is the happiest and most liked person he has ever met. “He can make lemonade out of any lemon thrown his way. He just loves his family and playing sports, and that’s what makes him happy. If I can find happiness as easy as he can, I’d be proud.”

Jason Linden Photo

Jason Linden Wife

Linden is married to Alexa who he met at a Phish concert. His wife is a licensing manager for an umbrella manufacturing company.

Jason Linden Net Worth

Linden’s net worth is still under review and will be updated soon.

Jason Linden Survivor: Island of the Idols

Linden is one of the contestants of season 39 of Survivor: Island of the Idols which premieres September 25, 2019. He says he thinks he will “survive” Survivor because Survivor is a relationship-based game.

“First, I will develop the relationships needed to win the game. I have a deep and fundamental understanding of human communication and connection. I have an uncanny ability to make strangers feel at ease. I disarm them with humor and self-deprecation. But I reinforce the connections with true and sincere interest and care. I will build relationships that will not only take me further into the game, but will win me the votes at final Tribal Council. Second, I will take control of my game and lead my allies to make favorable decisions to my game. I am a natural leader. Third, I will outwork my competition; I am an animal. I am resilient and hardworking. When I start something, I NEED to finish it.”

The following are the 20 castaways competing this fall.


Lauren Beck (28 years old)
Hometown: Bakersfield, Calif. and Rochester Hills, Mich.
Occupation: Nanny

Molly Byman (27 years old)
Hometown: Boston
Occupation: Law Student

Janet Carbin (59 years old)
Hometown: Neptune, N.J.
Occupation: Chief Lifeguard

Kellee Kim (29 years old)
Hometown: Costa Mesa, Calif.
Occupation: MBA Student

Jason Linden (32 years old)
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Personal Injury Lawyer

Jack Nichting (23 years old)
Hometown: Newport News, Va.
Occupation: Graduate Student

Noura Salman (36 years old)
Hometown: London, UK / Bethesda, Md.
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Tommy Sheehan (26 years old)
Hometown: Bayville, N.Y.
Occupation: 4th Grade Teacher

Jamal Shipman (33 years old)
Hometown: Jersey City, N.J.
Occupation: College Administrator

Dan Spilo (48 years old)
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Talent Manager


Elizabeth Beisel (26 years old)
Hometown: Saunderstown, R.I.
Occupation: Olympic Medalist

Ronnie Bardah (35 years old)
Hometown: Brockton, Mass.
Occupation: Pro Poker Player

Missy Byrd (24 years old)
Hometown: Decatur, Ga.
Occupation: Air Force Veteran

Dean Kowalski (28 years old)
Hometown: Westfield, N. J.
Occupation: Tech Sales

Tom Laidlaw (60 years old)
Hometown: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Former NHL Player

Aaron Meredith (36 years old)
Hometown: Uncasville, Conn.
Occupation: Gym Owner

Elaine Stott (41 years old)
Hometown: Woodbine, Ky.
Occupation: Factory Worker

Chelsea Walker (26 years old)
Hometown: Marlton, N.J.
Occupation: Digital Content Creator

Vince Moua (27 years old)
Hometown: Merced, Calif.
Occupation: Admissions Counselor

Karishma Patel (37 years old)
Hometown: Philadelphia
Occupation: Personal Injury Lawyer

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