Jamie Gauthier Biography, Age, Education And Election Results

Jamie Gauthier Biography

Jamie Gauthier Is An American Politician who is the Current Mayor-Elect of West Philadelphia. Gauthier is the former head of the Fairmount Park Conservancy.

Jamie grew up here in West Philly. It’s where she’s raising her two sons. It’s where her parents instilled in her the importance of education and working with others to build a strong community. It’s where she learned how important it is to stand up for those too often pushed aside.

After graduating from Central High School, Jamie received her undergraduate degree in Accounting from Temple University and her Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jamie Gauthier Age

She is 40 years of age as of 2019.

Jamie Gauthier Education

She Attended Central High School, Jamie received her undergraduate degree in Accounting from Temple University and her Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. Gauthier, a political newcomer who built a grassroots campaign, upset long-time Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell Tuesday, ending a 45-year reign of Blackwell representation of West Philadelphia.

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Jamie Gauthier
Jamie Gauthier

Jamie Gauthier Working to improve education

Jamie joined a program called INROADS, which helped students of color earn internships that would lead to good-paying jobs. Jamie later founded Mommy Grads, an organization dedicated to helping single moms handle the struggles of raising children while attending college. The organization provided mentorships and stipends to ensure women graduated and succeeded.

Jamie Gauthier Working to create good jobs

Jamie served at Philadelphia Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), where she helped create good-paying jobs for Philadelphians. Jamie is particularly proud of her work to support bringing the West Philly-based Center for Culinary Enterprises to life, a commercial kitchen that provides local food vendors with safe, clean kitchen space. Jamie also served as the Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, where she helped local businesses become more environmentally sustainable and secure city contracts.

Jamie Gauthier Working to create green space

As the Executive Director of the Fairmount Park Conservancy, Jamie worked with over 100 volunteer park friends groups to steward and care for neighborhood parks across the city. She also led the Conservancy in carrying out improvements in West Fairmount Park. Jamie knows we must give our children safe places to grow and play.

Jamie Gauthier Fighting for fairness, equality, and justice

West Philly shaped Jamie’s life, and inspired her to dedicate her career fighting for fairness, equality, and justice. From helping single moms get through college, to helping organizations create good-paying jobs, to creating more green space in Philly, Jamie Gauthier has the experience, the fresh ideas, and the drive to deliver for our communities.

We need Jamie in City Council. Stand with Jamie and together, let’s work to make housing affordable, help local businesses create good-paying jobs, improve our schools, and advance a more sustainable agenda for the 3rd District.

Jamie Gauthier Election Results

Jamie Gauthier, the former executive director of the Fairmount Park Conservancy, won a highly contested Democratic primary for City Council’s District 3 seat.

At 11:15 p.m., with 170 of 178 precincts reporting, Gauthier had garnered 56 percent of the vote, while her challenger, longtime incumbent Jannie Blackwell, had 44 percent. The victory makes Gauthier the first candidate in 45 years who isn’t a member of the Blackwell family to be elected in the district.

“The Blackwells, including Councilwoman Blackwell, have held this seat for a long time and have done their part to serve the community over the past 45 years,” Gauthier told Philadelphia magazine in a previous interview. “I believe, though, that I am the right person, for this moment, to lead the 3rd District into the future. And I have the energy, the vision, and the passion to do so.”

Gauthier’s platform encompassed several key issues, ranging from combatting gentrification and displacement to supporting local businesses. The longtime West Philly native spoke about her commitment to creating sustainable and equitable opportunities for the most marginalized citizens. Throughout the campaign she touted her leadership as executive director of the Fairmount Park Conservancy and the Sustainable Business Network.

The path to victory wasn’t easy for Gauthier: Blackwell, current vice chair of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee, had held the seat since 1992, when she took over for her husband, Lucien Blackwell, who’d first been elected to it in 1974. Throughout the campaign, the two candidates sparred over councilmanic prerogative — an issue Blackwell was targeted over by activists.

“I applaud the efforts of longtime councilmembers,” Gauthier previously told Philadelphia magazine. “But also think we need new, qualified people to also step up to the challenge, to create competitive elections, and to take on the mantle of leading our communities forward.”

Gauthier is the presumptive winner of the seat in the November general election, given that no Republican ran in the primary.

Jamie Gauthier Philadelphia

“I feel so excited and thrilled, this is a victory for the people of the 3rd District,” she said. “They overwhelmingly voted for change.”

Blackwell didn’t concede or give a speech to supporters at a results-watch party. Instead, she walked out around 11 p.m. hugging and shaking hands with supporters and saying, “See ya. Thanks, everybody.” A reporter asked her whether she had anything to say, and she said: “No, I’m going home.”The former head of the Fairmount Park Conservancy, Gauthier campaigned on the need for change in the district and a better balance of development and gentrification in the changing neighborhoods surrounding University City.
Gauthier also out-fundraised Blackwell early in the race and benefited from the backing of Philadelphia 3.0, a political action committee that spent hundreds of thousands mailing fliers around the district on her behalf. The endorsement was somewhat controversial, because Philadelphia 3.0, which has a nonprofit, did not legally have to disclose all of its donors.

Blackwell was a West Philadelphia institution who took over the seat from her husband, Lucien Blackwell, when he went to Congress. She had not faced many credible challengers since her election in 1992.

Gauthier, an urban planner with a master’s degree from Penn, hoped to capitalize on that shift in the district,

On Tuesday, Pam Kane, 56, a midwife who had not been inspired to volunteer for a candidate since President Obama, handed out literature for Gauthier, who she also voted for.

“For me, it’s the commitment to open, honest government,” she said. “The whole councilmanic prerogative thing has got to change. I don’t see how you can have a city that as a whole has rational development, if each ward has control over its own little fiefdom. … Not to mention the corruption.”

Just then, Gauthier herself walked up to shake hands and cast her own vote. She said, voters were energized by opportunity to make a choice, for the first time in a long time.