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Ernie Bjorkman was born in New York City and later moved to St. Augustine, Florida in the early 1960s following the death of his father. Ernie is a TV news anchor based in Denver, Colorado. He was the co-anchor on Denver’s CW affiliate, KWGN, and has won two Emmy awards as well as Associated Press and Sigma Delta Chi journalism awards. In 2017 he returned to KWGN.

Ernie Bjorkman Age | Ernie Bjorkman Birthday

Ernie Bjorkman was born in New York City, Bjorkman moved to St. Augustine, Florida in the early 1960s, information about his date of birth is not disclosed.

Ernie Bjorkman Wife | Ernie Bjorkman First Wife

According to our records, Ernie Bjorkman is possibly single. Ernie Bjorkman was previously married to Susan Bjorkman.

Ernie Bjorkman Children

  • Daughter, Ashley 29
  • Son, Hunter, 24

Ernie Bjorkman Education

Bjorkman attended the University of Florida in 1972 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism.

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Ernie Bjorkman Career

Ernie Bjorkman is a TV news anchor based in Denver, Colorado. He was once a co-anchor on Denver’s CW affiliate, KWGN, and has also won two Emmy awards as well as Associated Press and Sigma Delta Chi journalism awards. He began his career in West Palm Beach, Florida as a reporter from 1972-1976. Bjorkman moved to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia. He returned to KMGH four years later where he worked as an anchor until 1998, before rejoining the News2 team as the primary anchor.

Ernie Bjorkman Net Worth

Ernie Bjorkman the American tv journalist has an estimated net worth of $16 Million.

Ernie Bjorkman Channel 2 News

Ernie Bjorkman rejoined the News2 team as the primary anchor in Denver.

                       Ernie Bjorkman Interview

              Published: Jan 20, 2019


How did you get into the world of broadcasting? I had a job in high school as an announcer at Sea World. That got me hooked on the communication field.

What’s the best advice you have for someone who wants to become an anchor news personality? Start small, expect low pay for a while, stay curious, be fair, and your talents will take you as far as you want to go.

What’s the most serious side of being a news anchor or correspondent? Providing important, and many times critical, information to people is a very powerful job. You know the news before anyone else, and you are responsible for telling everyone what that news is.

Being in the broadcasting news industry, what does the future look like? As an anchorperson, you can be on top of the hill for a while, if things change, and you aren’t on top anymore, you could be gone. You have to be thick-skinned to be in this game. Ratings can be good or bad at any time, and you are competing against so many other programs. There are so many choices now with CNN, Fox News, CNBC, all the local news channels – and with the addition of the Spanish speaking news channels. You can’t get the whole pie; you just hope to get a small slice of it. WB2 follows the young demographics because our news program comes on after such shows as the Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven. Both young people and baby boomers are getting up early these days because of their jobs or because of the workout early in the morning. This is the group our time slot appeals to. It’s quite competitive out there with so many options. I hope our viewers still want some personal interaction with a TV personality they have gotten to know and are comfortable with.

What makes you always look so professional and polished on the air? Good Makeup.

Is it hard to report something that is sad? How do you take the emotion out when you know your job is to report all types of news to the public? Because professionalism must prevail, you have to learn to become somewhat immune to sad stories. It’s difficult, especially if it involves young children.

What will we find you doing on one of your days off? Playing golf or fishing.

What do you do to “decompress” after a stressful day? Usually when I come home late in the evening after doing the 9 p.m. news; everyone is asleep; I just start reading a good book. Like Pavlov’s dog, I’m so used to doing this, it just puts me to sleep.

What three things are always in your refrigerator? Skim milk, Braunschweiger and a cold beer.

What social or charitable event is your favorite? They are all very worthy – and that’s not just a diplomatic answer. They are all doing great things for our community.

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