Eddie Alderson Biography, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Height, Cancer, Net Worth, Interview

Eddie Alderson Biography

Eddie Alderson is an American actor, best known for his appearance on the ABC Daytime American soap opera One Life to Live in 2001 until 2012

Eddie Alderson Age

Alderson was born on 27 October 1994 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the United States He is 24 years old as of 2018

Eddie Alderson Family

He is the daughter of Kathy Alderson and Rich Alderson. She has a sibling actress Kristen Alderson

Eddie Alderson Girlfriend

He is not married. He is in a relationship with an unknown girl who he has not revealed her identity. We will update as soon as he opens up

Eddie Alderson Height

He stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches

Eddie Alderson Cancer | Eddie Alderson Health

He was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in November 2016and is in chemotherapy. He is free and during his first anniversary of the end of his cancer treatments in 2018, he shared some photos of himself with the doctors and nurses at the hematology/oncology unit at Pennsylvania Hospital who helped save his life when he returned to visit them.

Eddie Alderson Net Worth

He is making a good fortune through acting. His net worth is still underestimation and will soon be updated.

Eddie Alderson Changeling

Alderson was cast as Sanford Wesley Clark in the 2008 American mystery crime drama film “Changeling”

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Eddie Alderson Interview

ICYMI Eddie Alderson Interview

Soap Opera Digest: Let’s go back to 2016. What made you take that initial trip to the doctor?
Eddie Alderson: I had been working out and had lost some weight. I figured it was because I had been eating better and going to the gym. I started getting night sweats a lot. It wasn’t every night, but it was pretty often. I started noticing that my heart was racing pretty fast. It would even be when I was just there watching TV. I ended up going to a cardiologist. He wanted me to get a chest X-ray and see what was going on. He [also] wanted me to go to Fox Chase Cancer Center to get a PET scan. That is when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Digest: What were your initial thoughts when you were first diagnosed?
Alderson: It was literally the last thing you ever think is going on. It is not like I was feeling sick or anything like that. I was with my mom, my dad and my sister [when I found out]. [The doctor] showed us the X-ray and said, “That shade right there is cancer.”

The second you hear that word, it is hard to describe, kind of like the world just freezes. It is weird, I wasn’t too emotional about it. I just kind of sat there and everything went quiet. My initial thought was, “Okay, let’s just get on it. Let’s just do what we’ve got to do.” I haven’t really been too emotional. I have really tried to keep positive, with the help of my family and my girlfriend, Sylwia, who has just been unbelievable.

Digest: Did seeing your reaction to the news help your family deal with the diagnosis?
Alderson: I think so. My mom is a very emotional person, but seeing the way I have handled it has absolutely helped. She has been incredibly strong. To be honest, I didn’t know how she would be through all of this, just because she is so in love with my sister and me.

Eddie Alderson Photo

More so than for myself, I have tried to maintain my strength for them. I don’t want it to affect our lives so much. But they have been so strong. I am sure [my mom] has her moments. We all have our moments. Kristen [Alderson, ex-Starr, OLTL et al] was there for every single treatment with me, making sure I was happy. We’d listen to music and watch FAMILY GUY, and she has been such an amazing sister and my best friend.

Digest: What were your treatment options and how long did it take to start chemo from when you were diagnosed?
Alderson: I was diagnosed on November 14 [2016] and I was admitted to the hospital that day. I didn’t start the chemo immediately but I started on steroids and fluids around the clock. They wanted to do a biopsy and confirm what it was. A couple of weeks after that, I started chemo.

I was doing it through Fox Chase Cancer Center. I would get it every other Friday for a couple of hours. I would go in, then have a week off. I reacted really well to it. I wasn’t sick [and] I didn’t lose any of my hair. I did the treatment that they have been doing since the ’80s or ’90s [called] ABVD. I did that for six months. Then they waited 6-8 weeks after that to do another scan. After I did the scan, there was still some residual cancer in my body. This time around, I had to start stronger chemo and I would be staying in the hospital for a few days at a time. It is three days in the hospital: Thursday/Friday/Saturday, check out Sunday, with chemo lasting for four hours.