Dianne Holechek Biography, Husband, Children, Divorce, Net Worth & Salary

Dianne Holechek Biography

Dianne Holechek was born on November 27, 1941 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Dianne Kay Holechek. She was previously married to Chuck ,She used to be a model and actor back in her teenage days.

Dianne Holechek Age

Dianne Holechek was born on November 27, 1941, She is 78 years as of 2019

Dianne Holeche Husband

Dianne met her husband, Chuck Norris in high school. And, when Chuck Norris got enlisted in the US Air Force, he proposed her via a letter. With a yes from Dianne, they pronounced themselves as husband and wife in Torrance, California, in 1958.

Their wedding was a traditional ceremony where Chuck wore his Air Force uniform. At that time, Dianne was 17 and Chuck was only 18 years of age.
Interestingly, the couple had a four-day honeymoon in Big Bear, California. And in 1962, Dianne and her husband welcomed their son, Mike. They had another son, Eric in 1964. But, the presence of their children could not stop Chuck from having a short extramarital affair with a woman named Johanna

As a result, the affair affected the marriage of Dianne and Chuck; they even separated for three months in 1988. But, they soon reconciled for the sake of their sons. The two tried really hard to bring back their connection. However, their 31 years of marriage was only breaking to bits so they opted for a divorce in 1989.

It was nine years after the divorce that Chuck Norris married his second wife, Gena O’Kelley in November 1998.

Dianne Holeche Children

Dianne’s oldest son Mike was born in 1963 in Los Angeles County, CA, and is an actor and director. His brother Eric Norris, the second son was born in 1965 in Redondo Beach, CA and is a professional stock car driver.

Dianne Holechek Family

Dianne is a grandmother of seven grandchildren. Her son Mike has three children, Max, Greta, and Hannah. Her second son Eric has four kids, Camrynn, Chloe, Chantz, and Cash. Her ex-husband, Chuck Norris, on the other hand, has thirteen grandchildren.

Dianne Holechek Career

Dianne Holechek’s rose to fame after marrying American martial artist and actor Chuck Norris. Though their marital relationship didn’t last forever; as they eventually divorced.

Long before they met, Holechek worked as a model and even made a brief appearance in the series Hollywood’ 84.


Dianne Holechek

Dianne Holechek Net Worth & Salary

As of March 2019, Holechek owns the net worth of hundreds of thousand dollars. Also, her earnings and property detail is yet to be out.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Chuck Norris owns the fortune of $70 million. His annual salary is around $2 million. Back in 2013, the sales value of his house in Dallas, Texas, was $1.2 million. Chuck’s car collection includes a Ford Mustang worth $33,200 and RAM worth around $32,540.

Dianne Holechek Divorce

After being together for more than 30 years, the duo chose to separate in 1988. Although the reason behind their divorce is under the curtains, some sources claim that it was all because of Chuck’s alleged affairs.

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