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Delilah Rene’s Bio

Delilah Rene mononymously known as Delilah was born on February 15th, 1960 in North Bend, Oregon. Delilah’s family relocated from Coos Bay in Oregon to Reedsport in 1969 where she attended school. She won a middle-school speech contest in 1974  judged by owners of the local AM radio station.

Delila’s started her career at KDUN in Reedsport doing school reports. She soon was creating advertising spots and then was given her time slot during shifts before and after school. Later on, after graduating from high school in 1978, she worked at a couple of stations in Oregon and Seattle before creating the format she became known for KLSY in 1984.

Delilah’s Family

Motherly Delilah is a mother of 13 children 10 of whom are adopted. Two of the children have died, that is Sammy Young Dzolali Rene a 16-year-old child who died on March 12, 2012, of complications of sickle-cell anemia. On October 3, 2017, her biological son 18 years of age died by suicide.

Delilah is currently married to her so-called longtime friend Paul Warner. The duo got married at Delilah’s home on October 27th,2012. However, she has been married four times by different individuals.

She currently lives near Port Orchard, Washington.

Delilah’s Faith

Delilah’s on-air persona is said to be remarkably similar to her real personality and therefore she is an Evangelical Christian.

Delilah’s Achievements

2017- Show of the Year award by Radio and Records magazine

2012- Gracie Award

2016-National Radio Hall of Fame

2016-National Association of Broadcasters Award

2017-National Association Of Broadcasters Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Delilah’s Passion

Delilah is a public advocate of adoption partly because of her personal experience with the foster care system and partly because her heart was touched by a fact-finding trip to Ghana. She founded a humanitarian aid, a non-profit organization, Point Hope, as a voice for forgotten children everywhere. It is focused on saving lives, providing purpose and restoring hope for foster children in America and refugees and other vulnerable persons in Ghana and Liberia, providing a sustainable helping hand-up instead of a hand-out to these persons.

Point Hope now provides educational support, infant feeding programs, and vocational training in addition to a freshwater program.

Delilah’s Books

Delilah has written four books as per now which are;

  1. Love Someone Today
  2. Love Matters
  3. Arms Full of Love
  4. One Heart At A Time

All these books were published by Rosetta Books.

Delilah’s Radio Show

Delilah’s show simply known as Delilah begins at 7 pm and ends at around midnight local time. It is based in the Pacific Northwest.

The show is popular mostly among women between the ages of 25 and 54 and as many as eight million people tune in to listen to the program throughout the full week.

Delilah’s Net worth

Delilah Rene has a net worth of $4 million according to some sources which are best not mentioned.