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Craig Johnson Biography | Author

Craig Johnson(Craig Allen Johnson) is an American author who writes mystery novels. He is best known for his Sheriff Walt Longmire novel series. The books are set in northern Wyoming, where Longmire is sheriff of the fictional county of Absaroka. The series debuted in 2004 and as of September 2018, Johnson has written 14 novels, two novellas, and a collection of short stories featuring Longmire.

Some of the novels have been on The New York Times Best Seller list. In 2012, Warner Horizon adapted the novels for a television series.

Johnson lives on a ranch he built in the small town of Ucross, Wyoming—population 25.

Craig Johnson Age | Birthday

January 16, 1961(age 58).



Craig Johnson Family

He is the son of Lilian Gay and Lloyd Glenn Johnson.

Craig Johnson Education

Johnson attended the Marshall University.

Craig Johnson Wife

He is married to his better half, Judy Johnson.

Craig Johnson Residence

Johnson lives in Ucross, Wyoming, with his wife Judy.

Craig Johnson Ranch

The author owns a ranch in Ucross, Wyoming. He lives his cowboy dream.

Craig Johnson Influence

The success of Johnson’s novels is celebrated in an annual festival, called Longmire Day, held in the small town of Buffalo, Wyoming, the real-life inspiration for the series’ fictional setting. Close to 12,000 people attend the festival each year, including the author, many of the actors from the TV series, and (on occasion) the publishers and producers.

Craig Johnson Career | Occupation


As of September 2018, Johnson has written 14 novels featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire. They have been translated into 14 languages and have won numerous awards, including the Nouvel Observateur Prix du Roman Noir and the SNCF Mystery of the Year.

TV adaptations

The former A&E TV series Longmire (now on Netflix), based on Johnson’s novels, premiered on June 3, 2012, with cast members Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase, Adam Bartley, A Martinez, Zahn McClarnon, and John Bishop. Longmire debuted as A&E’s number-one original-series premiere of all time with 4.1 million total viewers.

Craig Johnson

All existing episodes (including those originally made for A&E) are now available to view on Netflix; seasons four to six were made for Netflix after A&E had cancelled the series. Longmire is filmed in New Mexico. The sixth and final season was released in 2017 on Netflix.

Craig Johnson Books | Craig Johnson Bibliography

  • The Cold Dish 2004
  • Death Without Company 2006
  • Kindness Goes Unpunished 2007
  • Another Man’s Moccasins 2008
  • The Dark Horse 2009
  • Junkyard Dogs 2010
  • Hell is Empty 2011
  • Divorce Horse 2012
  • As the Crow Flies 2012
  • Christmas in Absaroka County 2012
  • Messenger 2013
  • A Serpent’s Tooth 2013
  • Spirit of Steamboat 2013
  • Any Other Name 2014
  • Wait for Signs 2014
  • Dry Bones 2015
  • The Highwayman 2016
  • An Obvious Fact 2016
  • The Western Star 2017
  • Depth of Winter 2018

Craig Johnson Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of Craig A. Johnson is at least $3.56 Million dollars as of 7 February 2018.

Craig A. Johnson Quotes

  • “The place was packed as we flooded in, all the patrons freezing at the sight of an armed sheriff, two deputies, an Indian, and a construction worker; we probably looked like the Village People.”
  • “Henry figured that the reason the Cheyenne had always ridden Appaloosas into battle was because by the time the men got there, they were so angry with the horses they were ready to kill everything.”
  • “He mulled that over. “Sheriff Connally woulda let us shoot ’em.”
    I reached over and took his coffee away from him. “Yep. Lucian probably would have done the job himself, but we’re living in more enlightened times.” I drained his cup and handed it back with a smile. “Ain’t it grand?”
  • “It is another beautiful evening here at the Red Pony bar and continual soirée, how can I help you?”
  • “There are only three major vote getting days in Absoroka County, and I can’t remember the other two. “Oh God, no. It’s Pancake Day.” I thought about shooting myself. I could see the headlines: Sheriff shoots self, unable to face pancakes.”
  • “It was the second time that day that I stood looking at a space where a large thing wasn’t where it was supposed to be.”

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