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Courtney Crown Biography

Courtney Crown is an American journalist who was born a Yankee in her small hometown of Coshocton, OH, but she feels she was born to be a southerner. When she isn’t reporting, she enjoys strengthening her faith, spending time with her sweet chocolate Labrador, Astro, and grabbing brunch with friends.

Crown is honored to serve the Tennessee Valley as a member of the WHNT News 19 Investigative Team by diligently working on reports that create awareness, fix problems, stop scams or simply improve life for the people in the community.

Courtney Crown Age

Crown’s age information will be updated soon.

Courtney Crown Education

Before heading to Alabama, Crown graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Communications and a minor in Public Relations from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA.

During her college years, Courtney enjoyed co-hosting a morning radio talk show with her good friend, anchoring the college’s student-run weekly newscast, being a member of the Student Government Association Slate and spending time with her Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sisters.

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Courtney Crown Prosecutors

Courtney’s proudest moment so far is July 13, 2017. That is the day prosecutors dropped burglary charges against a man misidentified in a 2016 case. The man’s mother asked WHNT News 19 for help to prove her son’s innocence.

Courtney answered the call and worked countless hours over a four-month period to convince both the defense and the prosecution they had the wrong man. One day before her report aired, the assistant district attorney dropped the charges. She is now working with the man to get his charges expunged from his once-clean record.

Courtney Crown Career

Courtney fell in love with the South when she took her first job at WTVY in Dothan, AL. She began as an MMJ specifically covering the Florida Panhandle. During that time, Courtney won two Florida Associated Press Awards for Best Series Reporting and Best Hard News Feature.

For Best Series Reporting, Courtney spoke one-on-one with present and former Florida prison inmates about their participation in re-entry programs. For Best Hard News Feature, she teamed up with a former co-worker for coverage of bodies being exhumed at the infamous Dozier School for boys in Marianna, Florida.

Courtney Crown Award

Courtney won the Edward R. Murrow Award in 2017 for a documentary on the Downtown Rescue Mission. She was a part of a team of three that produced a 30-minute special on the help and healing that happens within the walls of the mission.

Courtney Crown Indy East

Article by Courtney Crown;

Some Irvington neighbors want to see a change in their community. They are tired of people speeding through their neighborhood and specially fed up with drivers blowing through stop signs.

Brian Ayers lives at the corner of N. Bolton Ave. and Michigan Rd. His security camera catches people speeding through the stop signs around the clock.

“Mostly at night, probably between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.,” Ayers said. “We see people who just don’t even stop,” Ayers said he is fearful for his fiancé and their dogs. He also worries about the families in the neighborhood.

“There are plenty of kids around,” Ayers said. “We know they don’t always listen to their parents. We know walking out into the street could be dangerous and cause injury, it could cause death.”

Ayers said he and his neighbors hope the city will do something about this problem.

Courtney Crown CBD

Article by Courtney Crown;

The CBD and hemp oils business is exploding around the country, and advertisements are everywhere. CBD oil is legal in all 50 states with its nearly 0% THC levels.

Tabatha Starr owns a local business, and CBD oil is one of her products. Starr encourages anyone who wants to try CBD oil or hemp oil to talk with a reputable retailer first.

Starr has owned the Real Food Shoppe for three years. She said the attitude toward cannabis has changed significantly since she opened her store.

“It offended a lot of our customers in the beginning when we first put it on our shelf,” Starr remembered.

CBD oil must legally have a THC level of 0.3% or less. In contrast, marijuana carries a level of around 18%. CBD oil’s levels are low enough it does not give a person the same feeling as marijuana.

“What people attribute to that psychedelic effect, the feeling of being high, industrial hemp is at 0 but 0.3%,” Starr said of THC. However, Starr said people need to fully understand their employer’s rules before trying CBD oil.

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