Chandra Levy Biography, Age, Movie, Gary Condit, Killer, Found

Chandra Levy Biography

Chandra Ann Levy (April 14, 1977–May 1, 2001) was a USA intern at the Washington D.C. Federal Prison Bureau, who disappeared in May 2001. She was allegedly assassinated after finding her skeletal remains in May 2002 in Rock Creek Park. The case attracted attention from the American news media. Her assassination was never solved.

Chandra Levy

Chandra Levy Early life

Levy was born to Robert and Susan Levy in Cleveland, Ohio. The family moved to Modesto, California, where she attended Grace M. Davis High School. Her parents were members of the Beth Shalom Congregation, a Jewish Conservative synagogue. She attended San Francisco State University where she graduated in journalism.

She began attending the University of Southern California to receive a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Bureau of Secondary Education and working at the Los Angeles office of Mayor Richard Riordan.

Levy moved to Washington, D.C. as part of her final semester of study to become a paid intern with the Federal Prison Bureau. She started her internship at the headquarters of the office in October 2000, where she was assigned to the division of public affairs.

Her supervisor, office spokesman Dan Dunne, was impressed by Levy’s work, in particular, her handling of media inquiries about Timothy McVeigh’s forthcoming execution, convicted of bombing Oklahoma City Federal Building.

Levy’s internship was abruptly terminated in April 2001 because her academic eligibility was found to have expired in December 2000. She had already completed her master’s degree requirements and was scheduled to return to California in May 2001 for graduation.

Chandra Levy Age

At the time of her disappearance on the 1st of May 2001, she was 24 years of age, her birthday is commemorated annually on 14th April, was born in the year 1977.

Chandra Levy Movie

A powerful docudrama[Who got Chandra Levy killed? ] It was created after the tragic murder of the young intern. Casting Sarah Baskin as Chandra and Joe Leon as Gary Condit Congressman, Bruce David Klein writes and directs the movie.

Chandra Levy Parents

Late Miss Levy’s parents,  Susan and Robert Up to date grieve the loss of their daughter. Almost 18 years have passed since that fateful day, but it seems time has failed to ease Chandra Levy’s parents ‘ grief. Showing how their young daughter’s murder left a huge blow in their lives.

“We don’t have our daughter back, no matter what” Susan stated, about the grief and anger that the anniversary brings to her and her husband, Peter. “He’s got tremendous anger I’m really sad,” she said. “It’s really the same anger and sadness.

Chandra Levy Gary Condit

Former California congressman Gary Condit spoke publicly about the disappearance and death of Washington intern Chandra, for the first time in 15 years. Denying any involvement and insisting that he never had an affair with the deceased. The Murder has become one of the most intriguing cases of the nation’s Cold Case  Dismissed. Condit was once a suspect and almost convicted of the murder.

A married man, he admitted to police at the time that he had an affair with Levy but denied any connection to her disappearance. According to investigators at the time, he never got to speak in regard to the case. Condit was investigated but never charged. In the  August 2001 interview with Connie Chung on ABC, the McGraw interview marks the first time that Condit, 68, has talked about the case.

When Chung then asked him if he had anything to do with the disappearance of Levy, Condit answered, “No, I didn’t.”He further also replied, “No, I didn’t,” when Chung asked if he had been involved in the killing of miss levy. In response to Condit’s “Dr. Phil” interview, Susan, Chandra’s mother, told ABC News that she believes there is much more to the story than Condit says.

“Chandra’s relationship with Condit was secretive,” Susan Levy told ABC News in a statement. “Chandra shared the high profile of her’ Man,’ as she called him, and it was best not to be seen together. That man told her not to carry her identification when they went out.

It was a red flag for me.”Susan also said she and her husband had paid on her daughters phone records from an account suggesting that Levy and Condit had a close relationship. “We had proof of MANY calls [ Chandra ] made at all hours to the private office line of Condit,” read the statement from Susan Levy.

Condit, who wrote a book about his experience, now lives in Arizona and works various odd jobs, including at one point owning franchises from Baskin-Robbins. Condit suggested a police attempt to frame him for the murder to McGraw.

“There’s nothing unusual about someone coming by my condo; it’s been done by many people,” He said. “So people speculated that it was something special. When McGraw asked if the police were trying to make something out of Levy’s visit to his condo, Gary answered, “Try to, absolutely, yeah.”

Chandra Levy Killer

The lawyer of an incarcerated informant in a D.C jail, whose identity is withheld for security reasons, contacted the police and federal prosecutors. Claiming to know the killer of Levy. The informant,  said Ingmar Guandique, a 20-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador also being held in prison, told him Condit was paying him $25,000 to kill Levy.

Investigators ruled out this story because Guandique had already admitted assaulting two other women in the same park where the remains of Levy were found. On the day of Levy’s disappearance, Guandique failed to appear for work. His former landlady remembered that at about that time his face appeared scratched and bruised. The investigators did not interview the other complainants.

On the Levy case Police chief, Ramsey avoided calling Ingmar a suspect. Describing him as an “interest person,” telling reporters not to make a “too big deal” with him. Assistant Chief Terrance W. Gainer said  Police would have been “like honey flies” after him if he was found guilty of the murder.

Guandique denied the assault of Levy. On November 28, the FBI had the informant take a polygraph test he failed. His polygraph test, administered on 4 February 2002, yielded inconclusive results that were officially ruled “not disappointing. The Chief detective Jack Barrett said he preferred polygraph tests to bilingual examiners who were unavailable at the time.

When Judge Noel Anketell Kramer was asked about the potential connection between Guandique and the Levy homicide, she answered, “This is such a satellite issue. It has nothing to do with this case to me.” Kramer sentenced Guandique to 10 years imprisonment for attacking two other women. By 2006, when Cathy L. Lanier succeeded Ramsey as D.C the Levy homicide remained listed as a “cold case”.

police chief Lanier replaced the lead detective on the case with three more homicide experienced veteran investigators. In 2007, the editors of The Washington Post assigned a new team of reporters to take a year to re-examine the Levy case. The resulting series of articles published Chandra Levy Cause Of Death. Focused on the police’s past failure to fully investigate the connection between Guandique and the Rock Creek Park attacks.

Investigators searched the federal prison cell of Guandique in California in September 2008 and found a photograph of Levy. He had saved from it from a magazine. Police interviewed Ingmar’s acquaintances and witnesses of other incidents in Rock Creek Park. On March 3, 2009, the Columbia District Superior Court issued an arrest warrant for him. He was returned to the custody of the Columbia District Department of Corrections on April 20 through the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center. In D.C., Guandique was charged two days later. With the assassination of Levy.

Chandra Levy Found

On May 22, 2002, around 9:30 am, a man walking his dog and looking for tortoises in Rock Creek Park near Broad Branch Creek, discovered skeletal remains matching Levy’s dental records. Detectives found scattered but not buried bones and personal items in a forest area along a steep slope. One of the evidence that was recovered was a sports bra, sweatshirt, leggings, and tennis shoes.

Although police had previously searched over half of the park’s 1,754-acre main section (2,74 mi2, 7.10 km2), there was no search for the wooded slope where Levy’s remains were finally found. Police commanders ordered the search perimeters to 100 yards per road and trail, but a miscommunication had the officers searching only within 100 yards of each road.

The remains were discovered from Levy’s apartment about four miles (6 km). Following a preliminary autopsy, Columbia District police announced that sufficient evidence existed to open an investigation into the homicide.

28 May, D.C. Medical examiner Jonathan L. Arden officially declared Levy’s death to be a homicide, but said, “There is less to work with here than I would like We may never know specifically how she died.”But it did not consider such a cause of death to be conclusive evidence.

After the police completed their search on June 6, private investigators hired by the Levys found her shin bone from the other remains with some twisted wire about 25 yards (23 m). Police chief Ramsey said, “It is unacceptable that these items were not located.

The family organized a memorial service at Modesto Center Plaza on May 28, 2002, attracting more than 1,200 people, some as far as Los Angeles. Levy’s brother, grandmother, grand-aunt, and friends were among the speakers at the 90-minute ceremony. In a eulogy given by Rabbi Paul Gordon in Hebrew and English, Levy was described as “a good person too soon taken from us.”

About a  year later, on May 27, 2003, Levy’s remains were buried in Hughson, California, near her home town of Modesto, at Lakewood Memorial Park Cemetery. The private ceremony concluded with the release of 12 white doves, attended by about 40 of Levy’s friends and family members.

Chandra Levy Pregnant

National Enquirer magazine reported, authorities investigating her mystery disappearance have learned Chandra told a family member she was pregnant shortly before she was last seen. Rumors have it that  Congressman Gary could be responsible for the pregnancy.

A friend also confirmed the speculations. Not much has been done to prove whether the allegations were true or false. we will keep updating the information.