Apollo Quiboloy Bio, Family, Age, Son Of God, Net worth

Apollo Quiboloy Biography

Apollo Carreón Quiboloy is the leader and founder of the Restorationist that is Philippine-based known as Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Name Above Every Name, Inc. He has made claims of being the owner of the universe as well as being the Son of God. It is claimed that when he was born, his mother saw a vision from God smiling at her from the sky which told her “That is my son.” 

Apollo Quiboloy Age

He was born on April 25th in the year 1950 in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines and is therefore 69 years old

Apollo Quiboloy Family

He is the youngest of nine children of José Quiboloy Y Turla, his father, and María Carreón y Quinto, his mother who are Kapampangans, who are the fifth largest ethnolinguistic group in the Philippines. His parents later migrated to Davao after the end of the second world war in order to find better jobs.

Apollo Quiboloy Nationality

Apollo Quiboloy
Apollo Quiboloy

He was born in Davao City in the Philippines and is a Philippine national by birth.

Apollo Quiboloy Church

He is the leader and founder of the cult called The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc. Which has its headquarters in Davao, Philippines and is estimated to have more than 5 million followers. Quiboloy says that God revealed to him through dreams that he should establish the church and he started it on the 1st of September 1985, with only 15 initial members.

Apollo Quiboloy Son Of God

It is claimed that upon birth, his mother was shown a vision of the face of God that appointed him to be the Messiah of the age of Gentiles. Claiming that Jesus Christ was the Messiah at the time of Jews and that he does not apply to our current setting. He was supposedly chosen by God for this mandate on April 13th, 2003. He further claims that on April 13th in 2005, He was given kingship by God Himself and that God is done with him as he is as perfect as Adam was before the fall of Eden.

Apollo Quiboloy Teachings

He teaches that Adam, the first man was created with a body, as soul but not a spirit. He further claims that before God could complete his creation by giving Adam a His spirit, the devil implanted his own spirit within man which Quiboloy says is the “serpent seed”, and therefore this is what led Adam to disobey God.

Apollo Quiboloy Controversy

Apollo is aligned with a good number of controversy especially concerning the fact that he undermines Jesus’ work on the cross. He claims it was not enough and that when Jesus died on the cross, salvation did not end there. He further claims that Jesus was waiting for a descendant of the first Adam to be of his spirit, in this case, Quiboloy.

To add on, Quiboloy has been sued by a former member for allegedly brainwashing their daughter and holding her against her will.

Apollo Quiboloy Net worth

Opinion Stage claims that he is worth more than 150 million pesos. He has a number of various properties in the Philippines. In addition, he has a private jet, helicopter as well as having founded a college school.






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