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Abby Franquemont (Abigail M. Franquemont) is an American textile crafts writer, lecturer and educator, based in Lebanon, Ohio. She grew up among the Quechua people of Chinchero, Peru, where “women spun to eat and pay for the home they lived in.” She published her book, Respect the Spindle, in 2009, as a revivalist of the ancient art of hand spinning with the spindle .

Abby Franquemont Age

Born in 1972, Abby is 47 years old as of 2019.

Abby Franquemont Nationality

She is an American.


Abigail was born in Massachusetts to anthropologists Ed Franquemont and Christine Robinson Franquemont. Her parents met at Harvard, traveled as hippies with their children to Chinchero, Peru, and settled there to join the community and study traditional knowledge of weaving, construction and agriculture in 1976 – a time of cultural change. At around 1982, they returned to the U.S.and by 1985 the family had moved to Ithaca, New York, where the couple continued to research, and to contribute to the community there.

Abby Franquemont Sister

Molly Anne Franquemont, her younger sister, born in 1975, was reported missing in May 2013. Glen Griggs of Sunnyvale, California was suspected of her murder, but was shot by police in 2014.


She is married to Chad Hampton Tudor, and they have a child, Ed.

Abby Franquemont Classes

Franquemont went to Lehman Alternative Community School, Ithaca, after the family’s return to America, then read liberal arts at Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

Franquemont Fibers

Franquemont worked in system software, outside the textile business, until 2006, when she founded Franquemont Fibers LLC in Lebanon, Ohio. Her company supplies products for the spinning and fiber arts as well as facilitates her, as the owner, to pursue her vocation as a fiber arts educator and consultant. Abby is oftenly described as “a fiber artist, teacher, technical editor, and writer whose work has appeared in Spin-Off, Spindicity, and Twist Collective.”

Abby Franquemont Photo

Abby Franquemont Spinning Wheels

She published the hand spinning instruction book, Respect the Spindle, as fiber arts educator, in 2009 . In the book she outlines her personal experience of the place of hand spinning within the indigenous community of Chinchero in the 1970s, discusses the physics of hand spinning with spindles, and describes in detail and at depth the techniques required for this. As her father said, in comparison with the spinning wheel “spindles (are) slower by the hour, but faster by the week, that’s why she has supported the revival of the use of hand spindles . To her, he meant that you can use a spindle while travelling or walking around, thus increasing your potential spinning time.

She clarifies the difference between bobbin-driven and flyer-driven spinning wheels, in the spring 2010 issue of Spin-Off magazine . She discusses the origins of Andean plying, in the summer 2015 edition .

Abby Franquemont Book

  • Respect the Spindle: Spin Infinite Yarns with One Amazing Tool

Abby Franquemont Youtube

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